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Mental Health & Well-being

At Manorfield we are driven by a caring and inclusive Christian ethos. Our staff build strong relationships with our children and families; in turn building a trusting basis for support. In our school we make provision for pupils who have a variety of needs. We know that some pupils will have difficulties in a range of areas and we will always do our best to meet their needs.

A  range of provision and support is provided in school for children who find it difficult to manage their emotions and behaviour in a way that affects their daily life.

All staff are trained in Emotion Coaching and Trauma informed Schools approaches, therefore children can access support initially from class teachers and support staff. If additional support is needed above and beyond this there are staff trained in:

Please see the sub-pages listed down the side for support and advice.  In addition to the academic work, you may find the following activities useful in supporting your child and family's mental health and well-being. 

There are further free resources available from: https://www.elsa-support.co.uk/category/free-resources/ and the PDF below lists further groups and services that can provide support for children and families.

services to support children and families.pdf



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