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Miss Canavan & Peanuts Diary

April is National pet month; we think this a great theme for any work or  activities you would like to set or complete with your children.

We love animals of all kinds at Manorfield so would love to see photos, drawingsvideos of your pets completing homemade agility courses, your pet  doing tricks, stories or poems all about your pets. Why not ask you child to  write a diary from the point of view of your pet? Miss Canavan has started one  for her dog Peanut (we loved hearing what she was up to).

Peanut Diary #4

Dear diary,

I am loving this sunny weather! Although I can’t get out to do lots of exploring, I like to play in the garden with my best friends Meg and Grace!

Me and Miss Canavan are planning something really exciting to show everyone! Hopefully we can show you in a few days!

I got to go on my walk yesterday evening and I was so happy when Miss Canavan got my favourite ball out of her bag!!! I love catching and chasing it!

I do have a challenge for you! How many times can you throw and catch a ball? Tell me if you do it! 

From, Peanut 

Diary Entry #3 

Dear diary,

I had a fantastic weekend! I did lots of playing in the garden and my human looks like she’s setting up something exciting!

Although I did not like it when she got the lawn mower out! I did my job and kept barking at it to make sure it knew who was boss!

This morning I have woken up and enjoying some chill time in the sunshine and then my human told a really funny joke! ( see the picture below of me laughing) well what she thought was funny anyway.

Do you have any jokes I’d like to hear? I’m sure they’re better than Miss Canavans!

Diary Entry # 2

Dear Diary,

WOW I got an extra special treat today!! My human let me lick the gravy off the plate, she never lets me do that! I wonder what I did that really impressed her? Ooo maybe it was when I chased the ferocious cat up the stairs! Or when I rolled in lots of mud outside! Maybe when I chewed up her slipper! (that slipper looked at me funny)

Either way she obviously was very thankful for everything I did for her today!

I also did some excellent climbing, I felt like I was queen of the castle! It didn’t take much to climb it, I only had to jump and I was there! Although I can jump SUPER high!!

Have you ever climbed anything? What was it? I’d love to hear about it!

From, Peanut



Diary Entry #1

Dear Diary

I was very sleepy yesterday and didn’t want to do anything! But I am much better today and back to my usual self causing mischief. Miss Canavan ( my human) was NOT happy when she saw I had ripped open and taken all the stuffing out of my toy...oops.

I started writing this diary and I thought it would be great to let you all know what I’m getting up to!

Oh, I’m Peanut by the way. If you have any pictures of pets or stuffed bears ( I love stuffed bears) then I would LOVE to see them!