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Click here for instructions on finding work on the portfolio section of Class Dojo

Click here for instructions on finding work on the portfolio section of Class Dojo and completing the worksheet online

Click here for visual instructions on returning work on Class Dojo

10 steps for submitting a photo or video of work on Dojo

1. Click on the activities tick

2. This will bring up your child’s To Do list

3. Scroll down to COMPLETED

4. To submit a Photo click on the + sign

5. You will see 4 colourful squares Journal, Photo,

Video, Drawing,

6. Select Photo

7. This will open your camera and then take the photo

8. Choose which class to submit the work

9. You can choose to add a caption if you want

10. Press the blue send arrow in the top right corner


The video below has been created by the Class Dojo team to show how this works.  


There are a number of help videos available on the Class Dojo YouTube channel.

To access the portfolio section, simply log into your Class Dojo parent account. Once connected to the class, tap on the account icon in the upper left corner of the screen, select your child’s name from the drop-down menu and toggle to your child’s account. There you will see the Class Story for your child, the points they have achieved and how many activities they have been set. To see the details of the activities or submit any photos etc. click on the tick with the number of activities underneath. The activities will be listed under ‘To do.’ If you click on the activity it gives you further details. Next to the word completed there is a plus sign in a blue circle. If you press this, you can submit work and photos which can then be seen by your child’s class teacher.  


To complete work that has been set on the website, please follow the instructions above and click on the plus sign as described above. To answer questions or tasks that require a text answer, select 'journal' and then type the answer directly.