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Read Write Inc.

At Manorfield we believe reading to be a very important part of children’s learning. Therefore all of our staff have been trained in a new literacy scheme known as Read, Write Inc. Read Write Inc. Phonics, is now the market leader in teaching children to read and is used by over a quarter of UK primary schools. It was created by Ruth Miskin.

This page has been created to offer some information and useful resources for parents at home, when helping their child.

For an introduction to RWI phonics please watch the video below:

Speed Sounds:

RWI phonics involves using ‘pure sounds’ to learn to read and spell. The following video shows examples of all of the speed sounds.

Children are taught to form letters using a selection of rhymes. You can find the rhymes on this sheet:

Handwriting Rhymes

The speed sounds are taught in 3 different sets and get more complex as they work through them:

A printable list of the speed sounds can be found here: Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds, it also includes rhymes for special friends (one sound shown by more than 1 letter).

Useful resources:

Amazon: Phonics flash cards

Amazon: Phonics flash cards 2