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Smiles Childrens' Club

Breakfast Club - Smiles Breakfast Club typically runs from 07:30am until the start of school. Children have access to a buffet style breakfast consisting of a selection of healthy cereals  fruit, toast with a choice of spreads, yoghurt and a choice of juice.

Children are encouraged to develop their independence by making their own choices and serving themselves with adult supervision and support.
The session is a very social one and staff enjoy joining the children for their own breakfast. When children have finished eating and playing, the session is finished off with a team game to get everyone feeling alert and ready to start their school day. 


After School Club - Smiles after school starts as soon as school ends. Children meet Smiles staff (KS1 children are collected from their classrooms) for registration and then help themselves to a healthy, substantial snack, and discuss how their day has been and what activities they would like out for the session.

The children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of fun activities that will encourage physical, creative and imaginative play. Children can let off steam with a team game or chill out in the chill zone after a busy day at school.

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