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Subject Access Request

Subject Access Request – Process and Protocol

Any individual or person with parental responsibility, or young person with sufficient capacity to make a request is entitled to ask what information is held.  Copies of information shall also be made available on request.  A form is available to complete this request.

As an organisation,  we collect and process data about individuals. We explain what information we collect, and why in our Privacy Notices.

To ensure that requests are dealt with in an effective and timely manner we may seek to clarify the terms of a request.

Evidence of their identity, on the basis of the information set out and the signature on the identity must be cross-checked to that on the application form.  Discretion about employees and persons known to the school may be applicable, but if ID evidence is not required an explanation must be provided by school staff and signed and dated accordingly.

Exemptions to a SAR exist and may include:

•         Education, Health, Social Work records

•         Examination marks and scripts

•         Safeguarding records

•         Special educational needs

•         Parental records and reports

•         Legal advice and proceedings

•         Adoption and Court records and/or reports

•         Regulatory activity and official requests e.g. DfE statistical information

•         National security, Crime and taxation

•         Journalism, literature and art

•         Research history, and statistics

•         Confidential references

All data subjects have the right to know: -

•         What information is held?

•         Who holds it?

•         Why is it held?

•         What is the retention periods?

•         That each data subject has rights. Consent can be withdrawn at any time (to some things).

•         A right to request rectification, erasure or to limit or stop processing

•         A right to complain

Many of these questions will be held within the Privacy Notices on the website.

The information will be provided in an electronic format, usually within one calendar month of the request. However, in some circumstances, for example the school is closed for holidays, this may be extended by up to another calendar month.

You can exercise this right under a Subject Access Request (SAR). This will allow you to know what information the Trust holds about you.

Making a request to access personal information under article 15 of General Data Protection Regulation is free of charge. However, please be aware the school will have discretion to decide whether to charge an individual when the request is repeated or unreasonable.

Once you have completed your form, please return it to the school office for the attention of the Headteacher.  The more information you provide on this form, the easier it will be for us to locate your information. You must submit a copy of photographic ID along with your form. Your form can not be processed without the relevant ID.

Subject Information Request Form